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Luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring

BY Hunter Ross  November 7, 2018

Wood Floors of Dallas elevate your luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring. Few things scream more of the luxury living than parquet style wood flooring. The designs elevate the living area from the ground up. The simpler forms of parquet style flooring include the chevron and herringbone pattern.

Both the Chevron and Herringbone pattern offers excellent room for creativity. Whether you choose chevron or herringbone planks, it comes down to personal preference.

Architectural Digest Showcasing Parquet Patterns

Luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring patterns extensively featured in various interior and architectural design magazines. We hope you to feel as inspired as we did after reviewing some interior design trends with both Chevron and Herringbone Patterns and thought we would share our findings from Architectural Digest, one of our many favorites.

The Chevron Pattern

The Chevron planks form a pattern that resembles arrows, the planks meet in perfect points cut at an angle. Color matching enhances the Chevron, such as in this Bel Air, California home by interior designer Kelly Wearstler showcased in Architectural Digest.

Stained Walnut chevron pattern alternated with a light wood stained or dyed white.

This Chevron flooring, enhanced by a wire brushed texture, cerused, with two tones of color. Cerused wood flooring usually has a darker base color with a light colored wash. This character grade white oak Chevron perfectly compliments the ambiance of its Martha’s Vineyard Farmhouse, decorated by Kathleen Walsh Interiors and featured in Architectural Digest.

Custom Patterned Flooring

Wood Floors of Dallas offers both pre-finished and unfinished custom chevron patterns where the wood is manufactured and finished to specifications, finished on the job-site or factory finished, delivered and ready to be installed.

We work with you on all the options, including reclaimed flooring, or new with textures. We specialize in custom textures such as; distressing, wire brushed, skip sawn, skip planed, and hand-scraped wood flooring. Your color options include choosing wood flooring species that match the look that you are trying to create or enhancing your wood flooring with stains and dyes. French bleed edges, or other edges -effects also creates an additional design element.

The Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone planks create a staggered zig-zag arrow pattern.

Architectural Digest showcases this New York kitchen, featuring a natural Oak herringbone floor with an ultra-matte finish.

Feeling Inspired, Now What?

Find inspiration here with Architectural Digest full feature of 25 homes with herringbone and chevron patterns. Did you get inspired? If you found a flooring in any of the pictures that you love, bring it your next showroom appointment and let Wood Floors of Dallas elevate your luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring.

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