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Solid Hardwood Floor Installation in Dallas, Texas

Solid hardwood floors are the epitome of class and style. Sometimes referred to as “nail down wood floors,” solid wood flooring is not simply purchased but created by an artisan right in your home. Wood Floors of Dallas offer fully customizable, solid hardwood floor installation in Dallas, Texas. We can help you choose the right flooring for any room and install it to your specifications.

We create unique, custom-tailored floors to match your taste and preferences. Our flooring installation contractors are local, licensed, insured, and undergone a rigorous background-screening process to ensure that you work with professionals you can trust. Contact Wood Floors of Dallas today and let us help you complete your upcoming project in style.

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Solid Hardwood Installation Services We Offer in Dallas

Residential Services

Residential Hardwood Installation

Wood Floors of Dallas has a wide range of flooring options to fit any room, lifestyle, budget, and timeline. We offer the best assortment of hardwood floors to suit any interior home setting. Once you have selected your flooring, we send a certified technician to your home to discuss your upcoming project, take precise measurements, and note of any special installation requirements.

Commercial Hardwood Installation

When selecting the right hardwood flooring, many factors guide your choice, including branding, function, durability, budget, and overall design. Our flooring experts can help you choose the perfect flooring design that fits seamlessly into your interior design while reflecting your company brand. We install hardwood flooring that can handle daily traffic and stand up to your work environment.

Commercial Services

Our Wood Flooring Installation Process

We follow a consistent, proven process for installing wood floors. Our process is simple and ensures the success of your project.

Step 1:
Choose Your Hardwood Floors

We have a wide range of flooring choices to fit any room, lifestyle, budget, and timeline. We offer the best assortment with the newest looks and colors and timeless options.

Step 2:
Schedule an In-Home Consultation

Once you have selected your flooring, a certified flooring specialist visits your home or business to review the project details and take measurements. Feel free to share your creative ideas and ask questions.

Step 3:
Get a Personalized Quote

You will receive a personalized project estimate that covers all materials and labor costs. We can review the estimate and make any last-minute changes to your order.

Step 4:
Hardwood Floor Installation

We work out the final details of your project, deliver the materials, and start the installation. Our local, licensed installers take care of everything to get your new flooring installed. Depending on the project, a typical solid installation takes anywhere from 12-14 days, including acclimation periods.

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Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

If you’re considering upgrading your flooring, solid hardwoods are a great choice with a long list of benefits. If you are looking for flooring that provides timeless beauty, increases the value of your home, is easy to clean, and is designed to last for many decades, then solid hardwood is hard to go wrong. There are several advantages to installing hardwood flooring in your home.

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Long lasting (30 to 100 years)
  • Highly resilient surface
  • Stain doesn’t fade
  • Added value to your property
  • Easy to refinish
  • Healthier than carpet
  • Improves room acoustics
  • Matches your interior design and decor
  • Enhances any room design

More homeowners are turning to hardwood floors for their homes for these and other reasons. Some prefer the classic look of wood flooring over carpet or tile, while others simply like this type of flooring that is easier to clean and maintain. 

Schedule Hardwood Flooring Installation Today

If you are ready to start your hardwood floor installation project, we are ready to assist you with every step. Wood Floors Dallas offers complete solid hardwood floor installation in Dallas, Texas. Contact us today to get an estimate on your upcoming flooring project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solid hardwood flooring is designed for installation on or above ground level. It can be installed by nailing boards to a subfloor or glued down over concrete and other hard surfaces. It can also be stapled to an existing wood subfloor. Hardwood flooring can even offer a smooth transition to rooms with different types of flooring, like tile or carpeting.

Yes, trim and molding are essential to a hardwood flooring installation project. These strips fill gaps and create transitions from floor to wall and room to room.

Yes, underlayment is a vital part of any flooring project. Underlayment protects your floor from moisture and provides a sound barrier. Our professional team of hardwood flooring installers will help you choose the right underlayment for your new floor.