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Your Options for Beautiful Hardwood Flooring In Frisco, TX

BY Hunter Ross  November 5, 2015

If you are considering installing hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX in your home based simply on the way hardwood looks compared to other types of flooring like laminates, carpeting and tile, there are a couple of hardwood flooring options you need to keep in mind when it’s time to purchase it and have it installed.

Hardwood Construction Options

There are 4 types of hardwood flooring construction:  3/4-inch solid, 5/16-inch solid, engineered and locking.

  • 3/4-inch solid construction is the type of construction most people think of when they think of hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX.  Each plank is a solid piece of solid hardwood that expands and contracts when exposed to moisture and it can usually be sanded and refinished, depending on the manufacturer.  It can only be installed on a ground-level plywood subfloor.
  • 5/16-inch solid construction is thinner than 3/4-inch solid construction.  It requires urethane adhesive to glue down to the subfloor and a moisture barrier to help control the amount of moisture it’s exposed to.  Like 3/4-inch solid floor, it can be sanded and refinished, depending on the manufacturer. It can be installed over ground-level plywood or concrete.
  • Engineered floors are not solid wood but have a cross-layered construction that keeps expansion of the wood to a minimum.  Engineered hardwood flooring is environmentally-friendly and less expensive because the wood veneer is only a few millimeters thick compared to solid hardwood construction. Some engineered hardwoods can be sanded and refinished.  It can be installed over ground-level plywood and over ground- and below-ground-level concrete.
  • Locking or floating construction is engineered flooring with a tongue-and-groove system that allows for easier installation without nails, staples or glue.  Some of these types of floors can be sanded and refinished.  It can be installed over the same subfloors as non-locking engineered flooring.

Style Options for Hardwood Flooring in Frisco, TX

Once you’ve chosen the type of hardwood construction that works best for your home and subfloor, you’ll have to choose four style options (wood species, color, texture and plank width) for flooring that has just the right look that you want in your home.

  • Wood species that you can choose from range anywhere from domestic species like oak, maple and cherry to exotic species like Brazilian walnut and tigerwood to sustainable species like bamboo.  Each has a different look and price, so your personal style and budget will help you to choose the right one.
  • Color normally comes from staining most domestic species of wood to match your decor; but exotic species are normally left unstained to make the most of their distinctive colors.
  • Textures for hardwood flooring can be smooth, distressed, hand-scraped and even wire-brushed.
  • Different plank widths can give your floor a different look.  Generally, wider planks are a good choice for hardwoods that have interesting grains that should be showcased.

If you’re ready to install hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX, come to the experts at Wood Floors of Dallas.  At Wood Floors of Dallas, we know about hardwood flooring and we can help you choose just the right one for your home and budget.

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