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Wood Floors of Dallas is all about couture wood floors and surfaces

BY Hunter Ross  November 28, 2018

Couture Wood Floors and Surfaces

Wood Floors of Dallas is all about couture wood floors and surfaces. Because of this, we offer the Jamie Beckwith Collection® which wood flooring transforms into a media expressing a balance between creativity and design, art and functionality.

Just as most of our readers who comprise of Interior Designers and Architects; custom parquet wood flooring manufacturer CEO Jamie Beckwith has a background in interior design. She is renowned for her sophisticated interiors for both commercial and residential clients through her Beckwith Interiors design practice established in 2006.

We love the Jamie Beckwith Collection® as it embraces artisan quality and attention to detail, which is part of Wood Floors of Dallas core values. The Jamie Beckwith Collection® collection was voted Best of Interior Design 2014 and has also won the National Wood Flooring Associations (NWFA) Wood Floor of the Year Award.

We hope that upon finishing reading this blog, that you will feel inspired to contact us for your next big design project where we will offer you avant-garde solutions to your custom wood flooring needs, the perfect match to the look that you are trying to create.


Couture Collections

Windsor Smith

Wood Floors of Dallas is all about couture wood floors and surfaces; the Windsor Smith couture collection remixes classic patterns in bold new ways. The wood surfacing collection is innovative works for both walls and floors. It redefines iconic patterns that range from the traditional chevron patterns to Cubist-inspired trompe l’oeil parquets.

The collection is unique because of how it features fluid geometries in combination with proprietary smoked and fumed finishes. Also, add engraved woods and precious metal embellishments. Create couture wood flooring with both luxurious and playful selections consisting of five very distinct patterns. The patterns are available in quarter-sawn, and rift-sawn cuts of White Oak. The cuts result in the substantial variation of grain movement further heightened with an intoxicating palette of colorfully layered stains and European finishing waxes.

The Windsor Smith collection reminds us of a time when quality and hand artistry were synonymous with luxury. Just along with Wood Floors of Dallas philosophy of giving endless options in finishing. The stains that we love on the Windsor Smith collection is custom-mixed, every hue and material combination makes a luxurious statement.


Jeff Andrews and Jamie Beckwith’s passion for dance and rhythm inspired the Variations Collection by Jeff Andrews for  Jamie Beckwith Collection®. It shows a deep appreciation for sculpture and its ability to ground a space.

Both Beckwith and Andrews past experiences as professional dancers are emulated in the designs as it turns a flat surface into a dimensional work of art that appears to be in fluid motion.

“I am constantly looking at design in terms of how a room is choreographed and how life will move through it.” – Jeff Andrews

The Variations collection has a rustic glamorous, chic feeling in its entirety. It features etching, engraving, and raking into the woods; the collection creates another layer rarely seen in wood flooring and wall surfacing products. The collection is graphic and bold, with visual texture, sophistication, and glamour while evoking aesthetics from Art Deco to Modernism. Simple forms are used in interesting combinations to create movement and evoke emotion while remaining organic, contemporary and unlike anything else on the market.

Jamie Beckwith Collection®

The Enigma® flooring collection invites you to rethink wood flooring.  The Enigma® line was created to offer truly unique and custom wood flooring designs to the trade.  Consider some of these options—use one of the 12 patterns as a wall to wall flooring installation. Mix colors or patterns, or create an inset rug pattern in a traditional plank floor. Or use one of the 16 designs as an alluring ceiling treatment, mix colors and patterns on a wall surface, or combine different wood species on a focal wall niche.

The Etched® Collection is an innovative offering of prestige wood surfacing treatments for vertical and ceiling applications. This engineered hardwood tile series combines organic wood surfaces animated by etched graphic designs. Each Etched® tile is cut, sanded, stained and hand finished with a beautiful no VOC hard oil wax.

Projection™ adds depth and dimension to your walls, with a series of blocks, in six depths, that can be combined at random or in calculated patterns. Imagine the play of light and shadow, the tactile quality, the warmth of wood, with Projection™ gracing your walls. No longer a simple backdrop for art, your walls become the feature in your space.

Mosaic is the art of creating images through an assemblage of small pieces.  In this case, the pieces are beautifully patterned wood blocks.  The resulting image is varied and ever-changing, as the grain patterns swirl and merge across the floor.  Mosaic is finished to your specifications, to create the image you desire for your home.

The Ultimate Luxury Floor Covering

Wood Floors of Dallas is all about couture wood floors and surfaces; there are unparalleled beauty and luxury in parquet floors completed with custom finishing. Onsite finishing allows for unlimited customization, through stains, dyes. Achieve additional enhancing with textures, as well several choices in top coat finish.  Many choose to have the most elaborate parquet designs in rooms such as the grand entrance or foyer, offices, libraries, and formal rooms. Use the parquet pattern as a centerpiece with bordering wood flooring or use the parquet tiles as elaborate borders to add a design element to the hardwood floor.

Finally, floors become a design element, instead of an afterthought.

Feeling Inspired, Now What?

If you found a flooring in any of the pictures that you love, bring it your next showroom appointment and let Wood Floors of Dallas elevate your luxury living with custom parquet wood flooring.

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