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Wood Flooring Plano TX: How To Give Your Clients Floors They’ll Love

BY Hunter Ross  February 22, 2016

If you’re an interior designer in North Texas, then you’re no stranger to incorporating wood flooring Plano TX into your designs.  In addition to lending beauty and warmth to a home, wood floors are a solid, practical choice because they are generally easier to care for than carpeting and they are kinder underfoot than tile.  When helping your clients choose wood flooring for their homes, there is a variety of colors and finishes to choose from that will suit any decorating style – from rustic to traditional to modern. You also have just as much flexibility with wood flooring patterns.

Hardwood Flooring Plano TX:  Straight Plank Variations

Plank Orientation – Traditionally, straight planks are laid parallel to the longest wall in a room; but that doesn’t mean they must be laid in that orientation.  If you’re designing in a space that is long and narrow, like a hallway or galley kitchen, you can change the orientation so that the planks are laid perpendicular to the wall or cabinets to make the space appear wider.

Plank Lengths – Vary the lengths of planks to change the look of a room.  You can choose planks that run the length of a room or lay out a random pattern of planks of different lengths.  This will give your clients the added visual interest of floors with staggered joints.

Plank Widths – In the past, using planks of varying widths was a necessity because whole logs were milled to make flooring.  Today, using planks of varying widths can give your clients a retro-rustic look.  You can also choose single-width planks but instead of more-typical narrow boards, choose wide boards for a clean, modern look.

Wood Flooring Plano TX:  Parquet Variations

Chevron Pattern – In the chevron pattern, wood blocks meet point-to-point to create a continuous zigzag.  This pattern, as with many other parquet flooring patterns, is often seen in European homes.

Herringbone Pattern – In a herringbone pattern, wood blocks finish perpendicular to each other, resulting in a broken zigzag.

Basket Weave Pattern – The basket weave pattern creates the illusion that planks are woven over and under each other.

Flooring Plano TX:  Diagonal And Other Pattern Variations

Diagonal Orientation – Instead of laying a wood floor parallel to a straight wall, consider laying it diagonally.  This can help make a small space look bigger because the eye is drawn to the corners of the room rather than to the walls.

Wicket Pattern – A wicket pattern is obtained by breaking up short runs of straight planks with the addition of perpendicular planks.

Picture Frame Pattern – Picture frame flooring features a border around the main floor.  The border or edging is created using the same wood as the floor and placing it parallel to each wall.

Give your clients spaces that have unique looks by varying the way you use wood flooring Plano TX.  To get help with your next project, contact us at Wood Floors of Dallas.

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