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3 Hot Trends in Hardwood Flooring

BY Hunter Ross  April 19, 2016

Replacing your old carpet, tile, or laminate with new wood flooring is a smart investment, but selecting the style and color can become overwhelming. Fortunately, understanding some of the hottest trends in hardwood flooring can help make your decision a little easier. If you are considering adding appeal and value to your space, consider these hot trends in hardwood flooring for your home.

Hand-scraped Wood Flooring

If you prefer a rustic, natural look for your floors, consider hand-scraped hardwood floors for your home. Also known as hand sculpted, the hand-scraped style is created by pulling shavings off the wood planks using a draw knife. While the technique can be completed by hand on site or by machine off site, hand-scraping offers an artisan-created, unique appeal that will remain classic.

Dark Stained Wood Flooring 

If you don’t prefer the look of distressed flooring, consider staining your hardwoods in a dark, elegant stain. Today, more and more homeowners are opting for these darker stains to create a more luxurious look in living rooms and dining rooms, kitchens, and even bedrooms. Here are a few stain options that will give your hardwood floors this darker appeal:



Dark Walnut


Dark Chestnut


Maintaining darker floors can be challenging since the stain will show dirt, dust, hair, and footprints easier than lighter colors. Adding an extra layer of polyurethane on higher-traffic areas will protect the surface and darker finish of your floors. While you may need to use a dust mop more frequently, the overall appeal offered by the darker stains ensures that you are making a smart investment.

Gray: The New Neutral

In the past, builders used ordinary colors for paint and flooring, since neutral colors appeal to potential buyers. Eggshell, white, tan, and brown were all common options. Today, builders and homeowners are using one or more of the newest neutral colors. Gray is now considered one of these new neutrals that can be applied to your hardwood flooring.

Pre-finished hardwood floors in a gray finish are hot options for homeowners today. The gray finish can be achieved in varying shades, ranging from a whitewashed gray to a deeper charcoal gray. Choosing the pre-finished color option will depend on your specific likes and your home’s interior design. If you prefer site-finished floors, consider staining the hardwood floors in one of your preferred shades of gray.

Installing hardwood floors is a great investment for your home’s appeal and value, and choosing the best overall design and color is important. To achieve one of these hot trends, contact us at Wood Floors of Dallas!

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