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Prefinished Solid Hardwood Installation Story

BY woodFloorsOfDallas  June 23, 2020

We recently installed beautiful Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound, Texas! We made some friends along the way, and wanted to share our story, as well as why Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood is a great option!

Solid Hardwood Floors are considered the epitome of class and style. Typically, solid hardwood is created directly in your home, and this has its advantages, such as complete customization ability. However, there are also disadvantages to this process, the biggest one being, the time that it takes to complete. That is why we offer Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood as an option! The main difference between Unfinished Solid Hardwood, and Prefinished Solid Hardwood, is the installation process. The Installation of Prefinished Solid Hardwood is much more simple, and much shorter than the installation process of Unfinished Solid hardwood. That is why many people, including our friends, Brent and Jodi, decided to go with the Prefinished option!

The Master’s Craft Gunnison from the Durango Collection


Brent and Jodi came to us seeking Solid Hardwood Flooring, but the 21-day installation timeframe for Unfinished Solid Hardwood, caused a bit of hesitation! While there are other great options besides Solid Hardwood, such as Engineered Hardwood (which also has a shorter installation process), they knew that they wanted Solid, and wanted to make it work!  With that in mind, we recommended a beautiful Pre-Finished Solid Option! They chose this Prefinished Solid Hardwood from The Master’s Craft collection Durango, in shade Gunnison. As you can see, we made another friend along the way!


This is Clyde! He is a very good boy and allowed us to take photos of this gorgeous flooring that his parents picked out for their home!

Brent and Jodi love their new floors and left us this glowing review:

“Wood Floors of Dallas just installed solid pre-finished wood floors in our entire first floor of our home. The floors turned out awesome! Hunter made sure we were happy throughout the entire process helping us and educating us on the different options. The crew was outstanding to work with as well. They were nice and accommodating throughout the job. Great work!”


We had a lot of fun with this project, and are thrilled that they are as excited about their new flooring as we are! Clyde was very patient while we snapped photos of his new flooring, so we decided he needed a special shout out! Here is a bonus photo of Clyde finally getting to run over to Hunter at the very end. We also wanted to thank Brent and Jodi for trusting us with their project, and allowing us to meet Clyde!

We love hardwood flooring, and that is why we specialize in it. Working on this Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood was a lot of fun, and we would like to do it again for you! If you have any questions, want to learn more, or are ready to get started, contact us!

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