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Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood Installation Process

BY woodFloorsOfDallas  March 24, 2020

Pre-Finished Hardwood from Master’s Craft Durango Collection

When installing Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood floors, we take great pride in our process to ensure you get the highest quality floor possible. We have divided the job into a multiple-stage process for you that outlines everything that will be done in your home throughout the job and a timeline as well to help clarify everything. Most jobs take about 9-14 days in all to complete, but some bigger or more complex jobs might take longer. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get any questions you have answered and the perfect floor for you.


  1. We deliver the pre-finished solid wood floors to your home/business about a week before the job begins, so that it can acclimate to the conditions and temperature of the home.


  1. Tape and put plastic over cabinets, windows, appliances, openings, doors, and décor.
  2. Remove baseboards and shoe molding if necessary.
  3. Demo and remove current floors (tile, wood, carpet)
  4. Grind floors and remove sealant/adhesive if necessary.
  5. Sweep and vacuum everything off floors.
  6. Float and level all floors with Plani Patch to ensure new floors are level.


  1. Go over all floors to make sure they are clean and level.
  2. Lay 6-mil poly and lay plywood subfloor down on floors with felt over them.
  3. Lay floors down throughout areas that are being done.


Pre-finished flooring means that there is no sanding and finishing necessary. This significantly lowers the dust in the home. This also means you will have better indoor air quality because there is no finishing curing/drying inside the home. Therefore, you can get back into your home as soon as we are finished installing and completing the trim work.

Clean up:

  1. Take down all tarps and covers.
  2. Wipe down floors and baseboards so everything is completely clean.

When the job is completed, we will do a walk through with the customer to go over any questions and make sure you are completely happy with your new floors.

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Photo Credit: The Master’s Craft Durango Collection https://themasterscraft.com/prefinished-gallery/