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BY woodFloorsOfDallas  March 16, 2021

The weather has been crazy this year, and for many of us, that has affected our home and floors. We want to help. Insurance claims can be tricky, so we have provided a few tips to ensure that you get what you are owed from your insurance company.

1. Independent Adjuster

You have a right to an independent insurance adjuster. This adjuster will work for you, not the insurance company. Since the value of damage or loss is determined by the adjuster, it can be beneficial to have someone knowledgeable and qualified on your team. It is important to know this, so if you feel that your insurance company is not providing what is owed, you have another opinion.

2. Double-Check

Once you have information from your insurance company about your claim, it’s a good idea to have an experienced individual look over it. This person could be your independent adjuster, or if your floors are your concern, it could be us. We want to ensure that you have all the information and data that you need before accepting the claim and that your costs will be appropriately covered.

3. Work with Someone You Trust

This whole process is stressful. You have damage in your home, and now you have to deal with insurance companies that you may not fully trust to take care of the issue. So, work with a company that is knowledgeable and experienced with insurance claims. We work with insurance claims often and can help you navigate.

4. We Can Help

If you want us to solely work on your flooring, we are happy to do so. However, if you need us to work as your consultant and help you navigate the process or handle your claim, we are happy to do that as well. We want to make things easier for you, however, you need us to.

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