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Hardwood Flooring Plano TX: 4 Tips to Keep Dogs from Scratching Floors

BY Hunter Ross  January 20, 2016

The mail man is coming through your front lawn and before you can say a word, your Great Dane is lunging across your hardwood flooring Plano TX, paws and claws clattering, making you cringe. Doubtless you love your furry friend, but you also care about protecting the investment you made in your hardwood flooring. Here a few tips from our pros on how to minimize damage from your pets on your floors.

Hardwood Flooring Plano TX: Clean and Coat

The cleanliness of your floors actually has an impact on how easily your floor scratches. Any debris on the ground, such as dirt and even hair, can act as an abrasive material, amplifying damage done by dogs scraping across the floor, much like sandpaper. While most hardwood floors have a coating on them designed to guard against wear and tear, it does deteriorate and will need to be reapplied over the years. The manufacturer of your flooring should be able to give you insight into how often the coating needs to be reapplied.

Trim Pet Nails

Most indoor dogs tend to have longer nails unless they are actively taken out on concrete or regularly have their nails trimmed by a veterinarian. Nails that are overgrown can easily make a dog’s traffic on your hardwood floors even worse. A good rule of thumb is if you can hear them, trim them. Your dog’s nails should not click on the floor when he walks.

Invest in Good Claw Coverings

You can purchase rubber claw sheaths that slide easily onto your dog’s individual nails. This is perfect if you don’t want to mess with trimming your dog’s nails (or if he won’t let you) and you don’t want to limit his ability to roam in the house.  If you think you might have a hard time getting the coverings onto each nail, most groomers will be happy to assist you.

Did your sweet pooches already wreak havoc on your floors? Or is it time to upgrade your style? It may be best for you to invest in new engineered hardwood floors! For your hardwood flooring Plano TX solutions, contact the professionals at Wood Floors of Dallas!

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