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Hardwood Flooring Frisco, TX Increases the Value of Your Home for Sale

BY Hunter Ross  October 23, 2015

From washing your home’s exterior and removing clutter to updating your home with hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX, there are many ways to increase the value and appeal of your home before selling. Although many tasks are simple to complete on your own, hiring contractors to install your new flooring is smart. However, you should understand the importance of this smart investment. Using this guide, you will see how new hardwood floors are a worthwhile investment for appeal and value when selling your home.

Increased Value

While surprising to hear, an estimated 54 percent of buyers will pay up to $2,080 more for a home with hardwood flooring in Frisco TX.  After installing new hardwood floors, you can increase the price of your home to sell at a higher price than others on the market.

The investment may seem costly at first, but it is a smart financial decision if you want to earn more of a profit when selling your house.

Increased Appeal

Considering there are millions of homes for sale on the market, ensuring your house stands out from the competition is essential for an efficient and profitable sale. This is easy to accomplish after installing new hardwood floors.

Here are a few benefits of hardwood floors that appeal to potential buyers:

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

    Dirt, dust, and debris embed deeply into carpet fibers, increasing the amount of cleaning time and requiring expensive services to remove stains and odors. Fortunately, dirt and debris will build up only on the surface of your wood floors. Removing this surface debris is simple by using a broom, vacuum, or mop.
  • Durability 

    Homeowners will need to replace the carpet after a few years and tile floors can break, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. High-quality hardwood floors are strong and durable. In many instances, wood floors can last multiple generations.
  • Versatility 

    Due to the various wood tones and installation designs available, there is a hardwood look suited to every home’s style and owner’s personality.
  • Classic Look 

    The classic look of wood floors will stand the test of time, ensuring it never goes out of style.
  • Improved Air Quality 

    Pollen, dust, and mites quickly build up in carpet fiber, decreasing the quality of air inside your home. Since these allergens are easier to remove from the wood surface, you will have improved air quality. This is a great option if owners suffer from allergies.

To appeal to buyers and sell your home quickly and profitably, contact Wood Floors of Dallas for new hardwood flooring Frisco TX.

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