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Hardwood Flooring Frisco TX: Choose Your Hardwood Flooring Color Wisely

BY Hunter Ross  July 9, 2015

Are you considering purchasing hardwood flooring in Frisco TX?  If you are, then you should know that you aren’t limited to traditional wood colors.  In fact, the color of your hardwood flooring can be a bold design statement in and of itself, whether you choose flooring planks that are pre-stained or you choose a custom stain or paint after your floors are installed.  Hardwood flooring in Frisco TX comes in a wide array of woods, each in its own array of colors.  In fact, oak alone comes in 360 different types grouped into 12 different colors.  With so many choices, how do you decide on the flooring that you’re going to want to live with for many, many years?  Here are some things to keep in mind:

▸  Classic brown never goes out of fashion.  Of the three most popular color groups in flooring – brown, natural/beige and yellow/tan – brown is far and away the most popular partially because of its rich, warm look and partially because it will work with any kind of design style.  If you’ve always had your heart set on a brown, hardwood floor in your home, remember that there is almost an infinite number of brown hues you can choose from depending on your decorating style and personal taste.

▸  Natural or beige wood flooring sets a minimalist tone.  The minimalist or Scandinavian look of natural or beige flooring appeals to people who want a more spare look to their homes.  These types of hardwoods work well with furniture that has clean lines and monochromatic upholstery.  If you want your home to look fresh and modern, choose a shade of beige or acrylic-coated natural wood flooring.

▸  Yellow or tan flooring has a more lived-in look.  Flooring that has the look of warm honey or rich caramel can make a home look instantly lived-in and welcoming.  That’s why it’s always been a great choice for homeowners who want a rustic or farmhouse look to their homes.  Soft, leather couches, shag throw rugs and handmade quilts are the perfect complement to flooring in this color group.

▸  White floors make a small space feel larger.  Painting your wood floors white not only makes small spaces brighter and makes them seem larger, they also give a home a feeling of beach-cottage chic.  They  create a perfect backdrop for bright pops of color so if you want one or two design elements in your home to be the star, choose white flooring.

▸  Grey is the ‘new neutral’.  Grey hardwood flooring in Frisco TX is the current rage, for good reason.  It’s neutral and versatile because it works well with a variety of furniture and fabric colors that other flooring doesn’t.  Gray makes the statement that you were bold enough to go with a nontraditional floor color but it doesn’t overwhelm any room it’s in.

▸  Black is the most dramatic choice.  Black or very dark brown flooring can make the right home look elegant and sophisticated.  But it must be paired with the right decor – chandeliers, sumptuous fabrics and crystal – to make the right statement.  If used incorrectly, black flooring can be harsh-looking.

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