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Give Your Home a Face-Lift with Hardwood Flooring!

BY woodFloorsOfDallas  May 15, 2020

There are a few updates you can do to your home that will result in a positive return on investment when it comes time to sell, and one of those updates is installing hardwood flooring. A stunning new hardwood floor is quickly becoming a requirement among real estate buyers, and with good reason. Hardwood flooring is very durable, easy to maintain, looks fabulous, and improves your indoor air quality compared to carpet! If you are ready to give your home a good quality face-lift, have your hardwood floors installed by Wood Floors of Dallas.

Solid Hardwood:

Solid hardwood adds allure to your floors that only improves with age. Solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished multiple times, so if you decide you want something new, you do not have to start all the way from scratch! At Wood Floors of Dallas, we offer both Site-Finished and Prefinished Solid Hardwood Flooring.

Site-Finished Solid Hardwood is stained, textured, and finished at the actual job site. This means that it is COMPLETELY customizable. If you decide to go with Site-Finished Solid Hardwood flooring you can choose the: wood species, stain color, texture, finish, length, and width of your hardwood. Let’s say you have a sample of a beautiful stain color that you happen to love but you want a different finish and texture, or maybe you want longer planks? We can create that for you with Site-Finished Solid Hardwood!

Prefinished Solid Hardwood

Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood is already stained, textured, and finished before installation. There are many options to choose from, and you can still consider the wood species, stain color, texture, finish, length, and width of your hardwood, but your customization ability is more limited. However, prefinished solid hardwood floors can take more than two weeks off your timeline to complete compared to Site-Finished Solid Hardwood! A prefinished project takes between 4-5 days to complete, while most site-finished jobs take 21 days.

Engineered Hardwood:

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood Flooring is a great option and creates the same beautiful space as Solid Hardwood using less time and money. Most Engineered Hardwood Flooring projects take between 4-5 days to complete. Plus, there are TONS of options to choose from! Engineered Hardwood is Engineered for strength and durability. It is created by stacking alternating plywood layers as a base, adding a solid hardwood layer to the top, and then gluing this all together. This makes Engineered Hardwood more stable than Solid Hardwood. Engineered Hardwood also differs from Solid when it comes to the actual height of the floor. If you have a slab foundation, a Solid Hardwood flooring will be much higher than an Engineered Hardwood (because of the addition of a plywood sub-layer), and this may cause a problem. In addition to all of this, some Engineered Hardwoods can be sanded and refinished between 1-2 times!

To learn more about the differences between Solid and Engineered Hardwood, click here! If you have any questions or are ready to give your home a facelift with hardwood floors, contact us!

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