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8 Advantages Of Laminate Flooring

BY Hunter Ross  June 30, 2015


If you watch home improvement shows on television – and who doesn’t – then you know that most of the time, when given a choice between carpeting and wood floors, homeowners choose wood.  That’s because wood floors are beautiful and coordinate with any decor, unlike carpeting which must be chosen in a specific color and texture, which may not fit every color scheme or taste.  If you’re remodeling or just giving your North Texas home a face-lift and you want to pull out your worn and dirty carpeting, you’re probably thinking about wood floors.  Or are you?  Real hardwood flooring has a close cousin called laminate flooring in DFW that has the look of hardwoods, but with many advantages, you should consider:

1 – Great Looks

The technology involved in producing laminate flooring in Frisco TX is so advanced that today’s laminates look almost exactly like real hardwoods.  Naturally occurring wood patterns, like those found in real wood, and the ability to roll the patterns over the edges of the planks, give the laminates a look that might even fool flooring specialists.

 There are a variety of appearance choices to consider with laminates.  When you’re choosing your laminate flooring, you’ll have to select:

  • The color of the planks, which can range from bleached-looking pine to dark mahogany.
  • The tone of the planks, which is the variation in the individual color you’ve chosen.
  • The grain of the planks, which can range from almost no visible grain to large, eye-catching swirls and notches.
  • The width of the planks, which average from between 3 to 5 inches.
  • The edges of the planks, which can include beveled, micro-beveled, seamless, and French bleed.
  • The texture of the planks, which can give your floor a raised rustic or flat smooth feel underfoot.
  • The finish of the planks, which can be satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss.

2 – Exceptional Value

Square foot for square foot, laminate flooring costs less than real wood flooring.  Real wood flooring is made from harvested trees, some exotic, which makes them more expensive than laminates which are made from layers of composite wood pressed together at high temperatures.  In addition, the installation of laminate is generally less expensive than hardwoods.

3 – Easy Clean-Up

Spills on laminate flooring aren’t the nightmare they might be on carpeting or real hardwood floors.  All you need to clean a laminate floor is a vacuum, a broom, or a damp cloth.  With advances in plank-edge technology, it’s even hard to trap dirt and debris between planks.

4 – Durability

Higher-end laminate flooring will sustain damage that other types of flooring won’t.  Not only are the layers of the flooring harder and less likely to dent than real wood, plank surfaces are often treated with special finishes that protect them from penetration and discoloration. Laminate floors are manufactured with 4 distinct layers coated on the top and bottom with a melamine resin.  The melamine makes it resistant to wear and to the damage that direct sunlight can do.  In fact, it’s so durable that most manufacturers offer warranties on it ranging from 15 to 30 years depending on the product.

5 – Green Manufacturing

Instead of using real wood that depletes forests, many companies that produce laminate flooring use massive amounts of pre-consumer, recycled materials including billions of pounds of wood waste that would ordinarily make its way into the waste stream.

6 – Reduce Allergies

Laminate flooring is superior to some other flooring options for families that suffer from allergies. Carpet can harbor dust, dirt, mold, and bacteria despite one’s best efforts to clean. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is extremely easy to sanitize and doesn’t contain wood preservatives – another common allergy trigger. The bonded surface doesn’t allow dust to build up or for the growth of allergy-causing microorganisms.

7 – Easy Installation

Laminate flooring is easy to install with a tongue-and-groove locking system and it can be laid on top of your plywood sub-floor or on top of hard surfaces like cement, hardwood, or linoleum.  And, unlike natural hardwood flooring, there is very little waste because all the laminate planks are engineered to be flawless.  With hardwood flooring, you often find planks that must be discarded because of imperfections.

8 – If you have kids

When you have kids, it is important to select a floor that allows kids to run and play without causing damage. At Wood Floors of Dallas, we can help you select the right laminate wood flooring for your home that looks fantastic and can stand up to all those indoor hockey games or epic toy battles.

Are you ready to choose laminate flooring for your home?  If you are, then call us at Wood Floors of Dallas, stop by our showroom, or fill out our contact form! We can show you a wide variety of laminates that will fit any taste and budget. 

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