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5 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring Frisco, TX

BY Hunter Ross  November 5, 2015

If you are trying to decide whether to go with carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX, it can be overwhelming. Which flooring creates the right home atmosphere? Which offers the most visual interest, and which will provide the best return on home value? These are all questions that need to be asked, and the answers are likely to be different for everyone. To help you on your way towards a decision, here are 5 reasons to choose hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX.

Hardwood Flooring in Frisco, TX is Easy to Maintain

Are you tired of scrubbing the carpet with soapy solvents after every dinner party? Does your plush carpet show coffee, dirt, and food as if you are trying to showcase it? While carpet can stubbornly harbor stains, a wood floor is usually a much easier clean. Besides, dirt sweeps away easily on wood flooring. Goodbye Rug Doctor™, hello Swiffer™.

Hardwood Flooring is Easy on Allergies

If you have regular or seasonal bouts with allergies, consider installing a hardwood floor. Dust on hardwood is easy to manage–simply sweep it up. Carpets are notorious for holding onto undesirable items; things like dust mites, mold, and pollen commonly reside in carpeted flooring. Even other toxins, like pesticides, can cling to your carpet long after the pest treatment has ended, so consider improving the air quality of your home with a hardwood surface.

Hardwood Floors Add Value to Your Home

Hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX will often add value to your home. According to Homeadvisor.com, “Hardwood floors can add value to a home when it comes time to sell, and it can make any space look more appealing.” Whether you’re sprucing up a room in your house before putting it on the market or just updating the look for your own enjoyment, wood flooring is a wise investment.

Hardwood is a Long-lasting Solution

When you buy a carpet, you know you may have to replace it before too long. Stains accumulate beyond your ability to clean, and the look of carpet can gradually degrade until it looks threadbare and without volume. Hardwood flooring is intended to last a lifetime; you will not have to worry about installing new flooring, and wood does not go out of style.

Hardwood Comes in Styles that Fit Every Room Design

Are you trying to create a cozy atmosphere in a sitting room? Or are you going for a contemporary design in a home office that will keep you on task and spark your creativity? Hardwood flooring can do either, and the variety of woods and stains is perfect for any situation.

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