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Why bamboo flooring is the best option for me.

If you are considering different flooring options and bamboo flooring is one of them take a moment to consider these questions and suggestions before finalizing your purchase.

  • Is bamboo recommended for my region and if so what is the best way to install new bamboo flooring in my home.
  • Why choose bamboo flooring over engineered hardwood?
  • What are the advantages of bamboo flooring over other types of hardwood?
  • Are all types of bamboo created equally, if not how can I tell the difference?

These are just a few of the questions you might have when considering a new bamboo floor. First of all you will want to make sure the product your choosing is recommended for your areas climate. Typically bamboo does not do as good in humid environments like the gulf coast or Florida. The “ideal areas” for bamboo installation are the west coast, midwest and northeast. This is where the majority of bamboo products are installed without as much concern for potential moisture problems.

But, you may be asking yourself… “I really like bamboo and I live in one of the other places in the U.S. that are not on that “ideal” list. Can I still get bamboo?”

The answer is absolutely, you just need to be aware and make sure your contractor is aware of the best methods for installation in your area. In coastal regions and areas like North Texas it is highly recommended that you opt for a floating floor installation of bamboo rather than gluing the product down. This is because the floor needs more opportunity to expand and contract to handle the various temperatures and humidity levels. Solid-bamboo floors that have a click-lock installation method are optimal for this and speed up the process of installing a floating floor.

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The advantages of bamboo over other types of flooring are many so long as you are using a top quality product. All solid bamboo products are NOT created equal. If you choose a bamboo product from a discount store, big box decor store or liquidator type of store, be careful you will get what you pay for. The technology that goes into building a strong bamboo that will last a long time and give you the benefits you want does not come with the cheaper lower priced products found at those stores.

One brand we highly recommend to our customers because it has proven itself time and time again is Cali Bamboo. Their products are made to the highest standards in the industry and perform extremely well in our climate. We always install the click lock version here in North Texas but in other regions the normal tongue and groove will do just fine.

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Customers choose to do bamboo flooring for a number of reasons over traditional hardwood. The two main reasons are durability and eco-friendly qualities. Bamboo is a great renewable product to pick for your home if you like to “go green.” Because it grows so much faster than traditional hardwoods, it takes less resources to grow and is sustainable and better for the environment.

The durability and hardness of bamboo is a testament to how it is made. Not all bamboo products are created equally however. Strand woven bamboo is the type that has the hardness and durability that customers want. While all strand woven bamboo flooring is stronger and more dense then the older style of bamboo floors, there are differences in quality from one brand to the next.

Strand woven bamboo is made by combining shredded bamboo pulp with resin and extruding that mixture onto a form. The mixture is then put under high pressure vibration and cured. The cured slabs are then cut into long strips and edge treatments are cut into the sides with either a tongue and groove or a click lock system depending on which product is being produced. After the individual boards are produced they can be customized with different types of distressing and finish. Multiple layers of finish are typically applied to the product before being packaged and shipped for sale.

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As you can tell there are many questions that may arise when choosing a new bamboo floor for your home. We hope this article gives you a little insight to help you choose the very best bamboo for your home and decide if bamboo is the best product for you.

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