Flood damage: When it happens, you’re never ready for it.

Recently a customer in Prosper, Tx called me to find out if I could come check out the damage they had from a recent flood. The pipe from their toilet had started leaking when they were out of town. By the time it was stopped the damage was already done. Water had leaked from the bathroom and covered the floor, it ran inside the walls and underneath the hardwood and plywood sub floor layers as well.

Their question was simple, do we call the insurance and make a claim or pay out of pocket to remedy the issue? After looking at the extent of the damage it was clear to me the entire area needed to be replaced.

Pro tip: Water + Wood = Problems (Now and in the future)

Even though they initially saw obvious areas where their solid wood floor had been cupping and warping, they did not know exactly what the extent of the problem was. When flood water happens on hardwood floors it almost always reaches areas that are far away from the original source. Gravity and water hydraulics are the forces that send the water throughout the subfloor. It goes to the lowest areas and collects. It also travels directly from board to board over time. The latter is where most people have major problems after fixing or patching a floor that has had a flood.

Once water is inside the hardwood it stays trapped beneath the polyurethane top coat and travels from board to board. Sometimes this goes on for months until it finally reaches an area in the floor where it starts buckling and cupping the hardwood.

Experienced professionals will tell you there is never a good reason to patch or fix a hardwood floor that has had flood damage. The potential problems trapped water can create often rears its ugly head long after the initial patch work had been done.

Following my advice the customer contacted their insurance company, submitted our proposal and received the full amount requested to get their entire floor redone. The pictures you see here show our expertise in installation, but the care and commitment we provide to our customers  as their consultants during stressful times such as an in home flood is what really sets Wood Floors of Dallas apart from other flooring companies.

I hope this never happens to you. But if it does, know that you have a trusted and experienced professional ready to help you get your home back in order the right way. No matter when it happens or what time it is, give me a call and I will get you taken care of the right way.

By: Hunter Ross – Owner

Wood Floors of Dallas

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