Hardwood flooring Frisco TX is a selling point for homes and apartments. Wood floors give residences a spacious, classy, uncluttered look, and it increases the value of your home. Since there are so many types of wood grains and colors, you can order a style that reflects your personality and way of life. You can use non-toxic stains to change the floor’s color without causing indoor air pollution or spending a lot of money.

Wood Flooring Frisco TX: Solid Wood Floors are Easier to Clean

Solid hardwood floors are easier to clean. They don’t stain like carpet or tiles. When spills do occur, you can sand and refinish the stained area. If you have pets, hardwood floors make it easier to spot animal fur and dander and clean it before it becomes a problem. Families with young children can also benefit from easy clean hardwood flooring. No matter how careful you are, kids love to make messes – it is part of growing up – and sweeping or wiping hardwood floors is a lot easier than steam cleaning carpets. You can vacuum wood floors using a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar.

Wood Flooring Frisco TX: Solid Wood Floors Don’t House Allergens

Hardwood floors don’t trap dirt, dust, pollen and other harmful substances like carpeting. If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies, solid hardwood floors keep your house cleaner and free of allergens. Pet dander can get trapped in carpets, but not on hardwood floors, so if you have allergies and don’t want to give up your pet, a house with solid hardwood flooring is a good investment.

Hardwood Floors are Versatile
Water-resistant solid hardwood floors can be used in kitchens, dens and offices. For bathrooms and basements, engineered wood flooring provides better resistance to moisture, since it has a second layer of absorbent material underneath the surface hardwood layer.

Hardwood Floors Last Longer
When you add a protective coating and sealer to your hardwood floor, it will withstand years of foot traffic, dogs, cats and kids. With regular cleaning and maintenance, this sturdy flooring will outlast carpeting and tiles.

Wood Floors of Dallas offers wood flooring Frisco TX to beautify your home while it adds value. Our solid hardwood flooring is available in many wood types, lumber grades, the width of the planks and whether or not the flooring is unfinished or pre-finished. We have engineered hardwood flooring with an absorbent second layer underneath the wood for use on concrete sub-floor or in basements and bathrooms. Call us at 972-525-0026 to learn more about our services.

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