Wood Floor Cleaning Tips Frisco TXAs a homeowner, you most likely complete various tasks to maintain the value, function, and overall look of your house. From removing overgrown landscaping to repairing a leaky faucet, these tasks are important for successful home ownership. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough effort into your floors. Considering an estimated 54 percent of buyers will pay more for a property with hardwoods, protecting your hardwood flooring in Frisco TX is key to maximizing your home’s value. While a hazy, cloudy finish is common on wood floors, removing this residue with natural, non-toxic solutions is possible.

Hot Water

In most cases, hot water is sufficient for removing hazy residue from your wood floors. To get started, run a dust mop across your floors to remove loose dirt, dust, and light debris. Then, fill a bucket with hot water. Soak a mop in the hot water and wring out the excess. Move the mop head across the floors where you notice a hazy, cloudy residue. Use some force when mopping over the stubborn areas before rinsing your mop head. Allow the floors to dry completely.

White Vinegar

If you still notice a cloudy residue on your hardwood flooring Frisco TX, consider mopping with a solution containing warm water and white vinegar. While surprising to hear, white vinegar contains acids that eat through stubborn residue without affecting your health or the environment.

Combine the following in a spray bottle:

  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 2 cups of white vinegar

Mix the ingredients by shaking the bottle before soaking a microfiber-mopping pad. Do not spray the vinegar solution directly on your floors as this may create a sticky finish. Move the mop across hazy areas of wood before rinsing with a clean, damp mop.


If you are unable to remove the hazy residue, consider refinishing. Thankfully, you can refinish your floors in a natural, non-toxic manner using a buffing machine and application of Tung oil.

Rent a floor buffer from your local hardware store. Open windows and doors to ventilate your room before sanding your floors with the buffer. The buffer will sand the finish of your floors, removing imperfections such as the harsh, hazy residue. After removing the floor debris after sanding, apply a generous amount of Tung oil to your wood floors. The oil will seep into your hardwood’s grain, enhancing shine and improving their overall look.

Investing in hardwood flooring Frisco TX is a great option for your home’s value and appeal, but proper cleaning and maintenance is essential to protect your investment. Contact Wood Floors of Dallas at 972-525-0026 for more information on increasing your home’s value and appeal.

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