Kitchen Cabinets Frisco TXWhether you’re building from the ground up or giving your home a facelift with a remodel, you’ll find that home interiors are as subject to trends and fads as anything else. When designing your kitchen, for instance, you’ll want to choose aspects that convey a fresh quality, not one that’s nondescript or even dated. Focusing on the cabinetry is just one way to make a fashion statement with decor. Kitchen cabinets in Frisco TX homes should be as distinctive as they are functional. The terrific thing about 2015 trends for cabinetry is that they aren’t too trendy. They’re innovative enough to be contemporary while offering an enduring element that will keep you in love with your kitchen cabinets for years to come.

Those who prefer a natural or natural stain look will be happy to see that the cherry, walnut and oak that they’ve always been drawn to is still in style for kitchen cabinets in Frisco TX. If you like painted cabinets, though, you’re not out of the decor loop. HGTV reports that light paint on cabinets is among the top kitchen trends for 2015. White is always a popular choice, but gray is the new white, according to HGTV. Soft gray is a shade that won’t overpower your kitchen, but other light colors, such as a buttery yellow tone, are good choices, too. Can’t decide between staining your cabinets or painting them? That’s OK. You have permission to mix it up. Paint your cabinets, but stain the drawers beneath your countertop for an eclectic, comfortable look that appears to have come together over time rather than being contrived.

Efficiency is one of the trends Better Homes and Gardens highlights for kitchen cabinets in 2015, specifically: making use of what used to be considered “dead” space to provide more storage. Look for elements such as double-tiered drawers, built-in bread boxes, pullout trays and customized storage for specialty cookware such as muffin tins, cake pans and cookie sheets. 2015 kitchen cabinets are all about functionality, efficiency and convenience.

Kitchens have evolved into the heart of the home, rather than simply being a place where the family takes meals. Great rooms are still a popular trend, too, literally making the kitchen part of the entire living space. That’s why designers are now focusing on blending kitchens’ styles with the rest of the house. One way to do that is to fashion kitchen cabinets that resemble furnishings such as dressers, armoires and curios. It’s an effective way to create a comfortable living space in the kitchen.

For new construction or remodeling, Wood Floors of Dallas can help you incorporate your favorite 2015 trends for kitchen cabinets in your Frisco TX home. The skilled  craftsmen at Wood Floors of Dallas will work with you to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted, and at a price that won’t break your budget. Give them a call today to get started on the kitchen of your dreams.

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