Luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring

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Wood Floors of Dallas elevate your luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring. Few things scream more of the luxury living than parquet style wood flooring. The designs elevate the living area from the ground up. The simpler forms of parquet style flooring include the chevron and herringbone pattern. Both the Chevron and Herringbone [...]

Choosing the Right Flooring Professional

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Last weekend, I dragged my reluctant family to our local greasy spoon so that I could have tomatoes and grits with my breakfast, the kind of breakfast I grew up with.  While we waited in line to pay – yes they still do that too – I was busy looking at the sea of business [...]

Laminate Flooring Frisco TX: 6 Reasons To Consider Laminate Flooring

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If you’re considering installing new flooring in your older home or you’re trying to choose flooring for a new build, you’re likely thinking about real hardwood floors first.  Why?  Because everyone loves the warmth and feel of real wood; but in 2015, you can get all the advantages of real hardwood floors with laminate flooring [...]

Laminate Flooring In Frisco TX Is A Good Choice

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If you are looking for a new flooring surface maybe laminate flooring in Frisco TX would be a great choice. There are a lot of positives that could move laminate to the top of your list. It is all about what you are looking for and what meets your needs. Take a good look at [...]