In 2016, eco-conscious wood flooring Frisco TX will be more important than ever, with designers looking beyond sustainability to actively recycling materials and producing eclectic, one-of-a-kind designs. Many homeowners are keeping not only human safety in mind but environmental concerns as well when purchasing flooring for their home. There is also a growing appreciation for the character that “upcycled” flooring brings to their home as well. Here are several wood floor trends 2016 Frisco TX trends to keep an eye out for:

Hottest Trends in Wood Flooring Frisco TX for 2016

Longer and Wider
Wider planks are becoming more and more commonplace in homes. Older homes tend to use thinner planks while today’s designers have realized just how much a wider plank can open up a room by creating a cleaner, smoother finish.

Mixed Widths
In the same vein as wide plank flooring, mixed width flooring is also becoming popular. This is due in part to the desire for homeowners to use reclaimed wood, which often is difficult or impossible to match plank size.

Reclaimed Wood
The demand for reclaimed products and wood is still going strong. More than ever, homeowners are choosing details for their home that tell a story and bring character and uniqueness. For flooring, this may mean flooring that has a distressed look or is made of something unique, like used wine or whiskey barrels.

Gray Finishes
Gray is quickly becoming a new classic color in flooring. This is a great color to use for a home that has a modern traditional or industrial aspect to it, whether in architecture or in decor. It also works well with minimalist designs.

Dark and Blonde Finishes
The dramatic tones of walnut hardwood flooring Frisco TX will up the glamour on almost any interior, while lighter tones like ash, maple and oak lend themselves well to more airy, modern designs. Like gray tones in wood flooring Frisco TX, these color preferences are predicted to hold their appeal for many years to come.

Parquet Patterns
Parquet may seem like the stuff of basements or your grandma’s house, but when done in patterns such as herringbone or chevron, the end result can be breathtaking.

Accessorizing with Eco-Textiles
Even the most stunning hardwood floor needs a cozy rug to really nestle your toes in. A large area carpet or a designer rug is the comfy cherry on top, and designers are turning to rugs made from natural fibers that were harvested in a sustainable way. There is also considerable interest in synthetic choices, made from recycled material.

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